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Gardening Need help with your garden, or want to show off some of the stuff you’ve grown? This is where you do that! Talk to other residents about what you’re growing – whether it’s in one of the community garden boxes or in your own back yard. Help! Don’t know which breaker to turn off so you can install a smart doorbell? Or maybe you don’t know what all the pipes in your garage are for. For Sale Got some furniture you don’t need, or some old books you want to get rid of? Or maybe you’ve got a great group buy you want to let the community know about – here’s where you do that! Mutual Aid Need a bit of help? Looking for someone to look check in on a pet while you’re away, or a last-minute babysitter for an evening? Need some help getting some piece of technology set up? Is your car in the shop and you need a ride to go pick up groceries or a prescription? Or maybe you just need someone to talk to for a bit. That’s all mutual aid, and your community is here to lend a hand when you need it. Just ask here!
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