Tools, computers, and other skills!


Sean here from unit 20, just wanted to let folks know about some of the resources I’ve got or skills I can share with the community!

:hammer_and_wrench: I’ve got some power tools that folks can borrow for a spell if they need them:

  • drill
  • impact driver
  • circular saw
  • jigsaw/skill saw
  • random orbit sander
  • reciprocating saw

I’ve also got a table saw, but that’s a bit harder to move around.

To go with the power tools, I’ve also got:

  • various screwdrivers, bits, and drill bits
  • screws & nails
  • pliers and vice grips
  • wood glue
  • duct tape & painters tape
  • a hammer!
  • some paint brushes
  • outlet tester, stud finders, laser measure, measuring tapes
  • some various other tools and bits & bobs

:electric_plug: I’ve also got some electrical stuff, like a soldering iron and the stuff that goes with that. If you’ve got a small appliance you think can be rescued or fixed instead of tossing, I’m more than willing to help you try to fix it! I’ve also got some experience teaching and mentoring for basic electronics & programming. If you’ve got a kid who wants to learn more about any of that, I’m always happy to help teach kids ( or teens or adults! ) the basics of that kind of stuff. I’ve got a Raspberry Pi or two I’m willing to lend out for a weekend so a kid can learn Linux or programming!

:desktop_computer: I’m also okay with computers, and might be able to help you figure out any issues you’re having there. I’m more comfortable with Linux & Windows than OS X though. I can also help with setting up network stuff like routers, wifi, or network storage. If you want some help setting up smart home stuff ( including installing smart switches or outlets ) I’ve done that a handful of times and haven’t electrocuted myself yet, so I’m willing to help with that too! :smile:

:game_die: Lastly, I run a podcast about running tabletop RPGs ( like D&D ). If you’ve got questions about D&D or tabletop games, or just want to chat with someone about the hobby – I’m always down to talk! Or if you’ve got questions about podcasting, although I’m probably not the person to ask about audio editing.