Local Elections!

So if you weren’t aware, there are elections coming up soon for our local city hall!

There’s lots of great info on the New West City website, but I figured it’d still be useful to summarize some stuff.

First up, key dates! Most important is the general voting day – October 15th. Additionally, there are several advanced voting days:

  • October 5th
  • October 8th
  • October 12th

Additionally, this is the first year the city is doing mail-in voting, which is great! There are some dates associated with this too:

  • Deadline to apply to receive a ballot by mail: 4:30pm, October 6th
  • Deadline to post a ballot to return it to the Election Office: Noon, October 11th
  • Deadline to apply to pick up a ballot: Noon, October 12th
  • Deadline to return completed ballot kit to Election Headquarters: 8pm, October 15th

There are some other dates as well, but you can see those on the “Vote by Mail in 2022” page on the city website – in addition to a bunch of other info like how to get a mail ballot, etc.

Next, there’s the candidates. You can check them all out on this page on the city website. We’ll be voting to elect the following:

I highly recommend everyone takes some time to read about the candidates and what they support.

Lastly, I think that it might be worth maybe writing a letter to send to the candidates; either from just our complex, or seeing if the Queensborough Residents Association is planning to send one. I think it’s important that the candidates are reminded that Queensborough is a part of New Westminster and that the concerns & needs of our community are addressed the same way the concerns & needs of any other part of New Wesminster are addressed.