Halloween! ( and letting folks know we have candy to hand out )

So last year for Halloween our complex didn’t exactly get a fantastic turnout; Marie & I ended up with a lot of leftover candy ( which was nice, although not great for our waistlines :sweat_smile: ). I was wondering if there are places we can let nearby communities & developments know that there are places here for kids to come and trick or treat?

Maybe we can post on the Queensborough Community Association page, or other similar pages? Or can we send a letter or note to some community newspapers or something?

When posting though, I think there are a few things to highlight so parents aren’t worried about the saftey of their kids:

  • There’s “Stanley St” – really a gravel path that connects Duncan St and Stanley St near Blackley St, but has lights and is safe to walk at night.
  • There’s a pedestrian controlled crossing at Duncan & Boyd; makes it much easier and safer to get to our complex from Johnston & Boyd
  • While still a bit scary, Boyd St is fully lit from Ewen to Duncan at night now, so no worries about truck drivers not seeing folks

Hopefully by next year the sidewalk along Duncan St will be done so that it’s even easier to get to our complex, but for now those are the three ways for folks to get to us.