Car tools & Computer Know-how

Hey all! - Will here -

I’ve got a list of car related tools that I can also lend out for short periods.
These include (but are not limited to):

  • Metric Sockets / Wrenches.
  • Breaker bars, swizzle socket adapters.
  • A small ultrasonic cleaner.
  • A chain pipe-wrench (for torqueing large diameter objects).
  • Heavy duty Circlip pliers.
  • A Bearing puller.
  • A Steering wheel puller.
  • A slide hammer.
  • A power washer.
  • Some power tools (Drill, Impact Wrench, Angle Grinder, Sander, Dremel).
  • Some jackstands and a jack.

I really like problem solving mechanical things, but I am not an expert when it comes to car repairs.

I’m also a video game developer - I’ve been in the industry for about 15 years and have extensive experience with Unity & Unreal. I love talking about coding (particularly in C# & C++) and have done a number of mentorships with students at BCIT. If programming is something that interests you or you are in need of someone to help with programming solutions, feel free to reach out.

Unfortunately I can only offer my time in a volunteering capacity, as my full-time gig keeps me fairly busy - but I am always happy to help share any knowledge I have.

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Hey Will, welcome!

If I ever get around to getting my motorcycle license and getting a project bike I might reach out to borrow some of those tools :sweat_smile:

Nice to know there are other tech folks in the community! I’m a web developer, but I’ve been toying around with Unity to try and pick it up.

Hey yeah! Anytime! I have a gentleman’s agreement with Justin (across the lane from me), that if you ever see the garage door open or the lights on in there, I’m free to chat and welcome the hangouts.

I was very close to buying a motorcycle a few years ago and would be happy to help.

Also free to discuss unity if you ever want tips on architecture and are trying to get projects off the ground - Although it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been actively developing in it.