Video Game Suggestions or Invitations

I play a lot of games - Figured I’d start a thread if anyone wants to share what’s occupying their time or ever wants to play games together.

Currently playing:

  • Crosscode
  • Sweet Transit

Down to play:

  • Rocket League
  • War Thunder
  • Escape from Tarkov

Lately I’ve been playing Noita & Owlboy – when I’m not playing Destiny 2 :sweat_smile:

I’m down to play almost any kind of co-op/multiplayer games though!

I tried Owlboy, but didn’t like it so much - If you like the art style though, Crosscode is def worth the playthrough. Haven’t tried Noita, but I’ve seen a bunch of friends play it. I might put it on my todo list when I’m looking for a new title.

Sarah won a free steamkey for Inscryption at my friend’s video-game cover-band show on Friday as well. Also a really good game so far.