Strata Information

Here’s all the information you need to know about our strata council!

If you have an issue with your unit you can email the strata management company. This should be for non-emergency issues; if you need more immediate attention, for example ‘’ unit 20, you forgot to close your garage door’’, please send a message to the WhatsApp group. If it’s a really serious emergency (like a fire) please contact emergency services first!

Our current strata management company is Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd., and you can send emails to them at Their address, phone number, and fax number are:

535 Front St. New Westminster B.C. V3L 1A4
Tel: 604-521-0876
Fax: 604-525-1299

If you have a warranty issue and something needs fixing or replacing, please reach out to WBI via email or phone at 604-639-2924

Lastly, these are your neighbors currently serving on the strata council:

  • Darcie (President)
  • Javvy
  • Marie-Claude
  • Will
  • Justin

They can be reached at