Community Garden Info

Community Garden Boxes

  • Use of community boxes is yearly. Residents interested need to sign up for the use of the boxes by the end of March every year.
  • Boxes are assigned in an aleatory manner by a draw made by the Council. If more than 14 residents sign up, priority will be given to units that did not have a box assigned to them in the previous year.
  • Units assigned boxes are responsible for maintaining the plants in the boxes and clearing them by the end of the year (December).
  • All plants planted need to be seasonal given the yearly nature of the box use.
  • Units with assigned boxes are required to trim and maintain the plants within the area of the planter. Plants planted can only reach a maximum height of 3 feet and need to stay within the area of the box. No trees are allowed.
  • Strata is not responsible for stolen produce or damages caused to the plants in the boxes.

Alternate Garden Plot Options

There is the Port Royal Community Garden ( they have a Facebook group, too ) – although the wait times there are longer, as that community garden is open to the whole of Queensborough. Worth putting in your name though; once you get a spot it’s yours until you give it up ( or are asked to leave ).

Backyard Maintenance/Use

  • Residents are not allowed to plant plants on their backyard soils or flowerbeds. Potted plants are allowed if they don’t disrupt landscape maintenance.
  • Residents are required to remove elements that interfere with landscape maintenance work (like pet droppings). The landscaping maintenance work for units that fail to remove pet droppings will rely on the residents of those units, and the contractor will not do maintenance work on them.